About the License

The Board is excited to announce the start of a new program that will add value to your membership and accreditation to your company name.  
Step One will be to sign the OHMA License Pledge, and return it to OHMA via email, fax or mail. It will be counter signed, one copy will go back to you and the other kept on file at OHMA. 
Step Two, OHMA will send 25 blank On Hold Production User Licenses and 10 OHMA License window clings complimentary to member participants. Should you want more they will be available to order via the OHMA website, a packet of 25 for $10 shipping/handling. Instructions on assigning license numbers will accompany the first complimentary packet. The instructions are also available on the OHMA Website under the ‘OHMA Members / OHMA License Certificates’ tabs
Step Three:  License number Generation. Each client is assigned a single license number, regardless of the locations being served. How to Generate a License Number

Step Four:  Submit License Numbers to OHMA
Download the OHMA License Pledge form to get started. If you would like to enroll your business in this exciting program, adding that extra OHMA Trademark of Assurance, complete your portion of the form and return to OHMA via one of the following methods:   
  • email:  scan signed form and send to info@ohma.org 
  • fax: 877-204-7555 
  • mail: OHMA, PO Box 2146, Cameron Park, CA 95682
If you have any questions, please contact DeAnn at info@ohma.org.