Benefits of On-Hold Messaging

Why On-Hold Messaging?

On Hold Messaging can build or re-shape your company image. Is yours a newer company? OHM can be helpful in forming your callers’ first impression of your business. Or perhaps you need to mend a poor reputation for customer service, or shorten perceived hold times. On Hold Messaging can help you meet those goals, too, by providing helpful tips or interesting information to your callers on hold.

Your On Hold Messaging can disseminate important information to callers, such as a change in your company’s address, new hours, the opening of a new location, product recall information, the latest industry news, or a strike update.Are your callers hanging up because they’re on hold too long? Then use On Hold Messaging to keep them engaged. Entertain callers with humor, interesting trivia, memorable quotes, or any type of out-of-the-ordinary content.