Director Duties

It's an honor to serve on the Board of Directors, but it also comes with responsibilities and expectations. As with most things, the more you put in, the more you get out. Here is an outline of the expectations for each of the OHMA Directors. 

OHMA Director Duties include but are not limited to:
Attend board meetings held via conference call or a weblink such as Board meetings are scheduled on an as needed basis but are usually monthly and typically last one to 1.5 hours in length. Each year one of these meetings includes attending a 1.5 day face-to-face mid-year meeting, in October or September, in a city agreed upon by the board. Airfare will be at the Director's expense. Meals are provided by the Association and depending on the financial state of the Association, one night hotel expenses will be covered by the Association as well.

Outside of Board meetings, you should expect to volunteer an additional 1 to 2 hours a month assisting with telephone calls to prospects, other business members or member vendors or assisting with any business that will better the Association.

Should you run for an Executive position (Chairman, Vice-Chair, Sec/Treasurer) you should expect volunteer hours to be more, depending on the goals and efforts determined by you and the other Board Members. Executive positions are filled by a vote of the new Board once installed. 

There are several 'jobs' or 'departments' that one or more Directors will be assigned to oversee. These 'departments' are: Member Services (new member recruitment, member retention), Vendor Relations (Quarterly Vendor Meetings, Retention, recruitment), Conference Committee (assist with hotel selection, educational sessions/finding hosts/speakers, excursions, agenda planning, etc), Member Benefits (updating member benefit information, researching new potential benefits, promoting benefits), Technology (keeping website fresh, updated, maintaining/updating social network outlets currently LinkedIn and Facebook, create and update Mobile App for each annual Conference as applicable), Marketing (works closely with and could be combined with Member Benefits to promote the Association to the general public as well as to prospective new MOH members).

According to our bylaws, a Board member shall not serve more than two consecutive elected terms. One term is two years.