Mackenzie Laboratories Inc.

Mackenzie Laboratories, Inc. has a rich history of providing high-quality products and utilizing leading-edge technology to deliver, and enhance, methods of repetitive communication. Mackenzie was founded in 1954 to produce repetitive audio systems based on their patented endless-loop, power-drive tape magazine. Early successes in a wide variety of applications lead to the development of special products to fit specific industry needs. Mackenzie created the first totally electronic slide projector dissolve system, the first multi-channel A/V electronic synchronizer programmer, and an endless-loop 16mm film magazine. Mackenzie also pioneered the automatic flight announcement system used in airports, as well as the first practical Digital Feedback Eliminator and Overhead Page Management System.

Building on a foundation of “firsts”, Mackenzie later introduced the first affordable Message On Hold (MOH) digital player. Over the years Mackenzie has continued to listen to the Message On Hold industry and developed the DYNAVOX line of digital MOH and Storecasting systems to meet its needs. The DYNAVOX series offers maintenance free digital playback with Compact Disc, USB, SD-Card, modem or Network download. Mackenzie Laboratories is committed to producing the highest quality products that meet or exceed your customer and industry standards.  Details are available at