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Welcome to the MARCE Awards!

Since 2005, the On Hold Messaging Association has presented awards to honor the year's best On Hold Messaging productions. The MARCE Awards (formerly known as The Holdies and which stands for MARketing & Creative Excellence) is the only competition that encourages and rewards creative and marketing excellence in On Hold Messaging productions exclusively. In doing so, we hope to raise the creative and marketing standards of all OHM companies and the expectations of clients and their callers. For these reasons, the MARCE Award is a coveted symbol of industry leadership.

The goal of the competition is to recognize and reward the creative spirit of excellence in the art of producing telephone on hold messages and to improve the effectiveness and value of our service.
Entering the MARCEs supports the messages on hold industry, because the OHMA use the proceeds to create consumer awareness via public service announcements, online education, and funding toward industry related research.
Starting in 2016 more award categories have been added to the competition and will expand the scope of what defines marketing excellence."
On-hold companies will be able to enter a production in three specific categories:
Most Effective OHM
Does this OHM (On Hold Message) do the best job of creating a strong desire to learn about the product, buy the product, or respond to other calls to action? Elements to consider: the persuasive effect of the copy; the voice talent’s presentation; the overall feel of the production.
Most Entertaining OHM
Is this production the funniest, the most dramatic, or the most engaging message for another reason? Would it keep callers on the line? Would callers remember it or tell others about it? Elements to consider: the copy; the voice talent’s performance; the music; any sound effects.
Best Branding
Is this production the most effective at creating a sense of who the company is? Why they’re different? What they stand for? Defining the kind of experience consumers can expect? Elements to consider: how well the copy presents answers to these and other brand-related questions; how well the copy substantiates/proves those claims; how well the voice and music support the brand identity.
In addition, MARCE Award participants may also have their messages considered for two special awards – Judges Choice, and Best of Show.
Judges Choice
Each judge can award a Judge’s Choice trophy to one entry. This is not required. Each winning entry will be chosen based on the judge’s individual standards of what constitutes an excellent On Hold Marketing production. An entry can only receive one Judge’s Choice award, even if multiple judges choose it.
Best of Show
More than any other entry, does this production combine all the elements of an effective On Hold Marketing message? Is it a pleasure to listen to? Is it a production that would represent the OHM industry well as our best effort of the year? Elements to consider: the quality of the copy; the interpretation and presentation of the copy by the voice talent; all technical elements, including the recording, editing, sound mixing and so forth.
Whether the message is a creative flight of fancy, or a hardworking, straight-forward call to action, there is equal opportunity for on hold productions of all types to win in one or more award categories.
The annual MARCE Award competition is held early each year, prior to the On Hold Messaging Association's International Conference, where the Award winners are announced.

Whether you're a member of the On Hold Messaging Association or not you can enter your best work in this year's competition via this website. Just click here to enter.

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