Higher Standards For OHMA Members

Why should your On Hold Messaging provider be an OHMA member? Our members are required to meet higher standards in order to maintain their membership. And that means a higher standard of service for you.

On Hold Messaging must be The Member's primary business function.
The Member must have a proven track record of On Hold Messaging excellence.
The Member must be a comprehensive, full-service provider.
The Member must provide flexible payment options.
The Member is held accountable to OHMA standards.
OHMA will provide arbitration in the unlikely event of a dispute.


A BETTER way to Educate, Motivate, Communicate. The right message. The right tone. Every time.

Always Use an OHMA Provider
To be sure your provider is an OHMA member look for our logo.


The On Hold Messaging Association is an international organization composed of audio marketing agencies committed to expanding awareness of the On Hold Messaging industry, promoting ethical and professional business practices, assisting independent On Hold Messaging agencies in the development of their businesses, and enhancing the relationship between member agencies and their clients through education, self-regulation, and service and support excellence.