Why Use an OHMA Member


OHMA… Setting The Standard for On Hold Messaging!

OHMA members understand the importance of using hold time as a true marketing tool.  They have been in business a minimum of five years to qualify for application to the OHMA organization.  They must meet the following criteria as well: their company derives over fifty percent of its revenue from on hold services, and they must show their business model meets the standards of a full service agency, which provides equipment, script writing and voicing, studio production of messages, installation of hardware and technical assistance.  Currently over 80 of the nation’s leading on hold companies have been approved by the board of directors to become OHMA members.

Make Sure Your Service Provider Displays the OHMA ‘Click to Verify’ Member Logo!

To guarantee the company you are considering is an OHMA member, look for the ‘Click to Verify’ OHMA logo n the home page of the company’s web site.  If valid, the logo will link you to the OHMA website and a ‘Member Verification’ page will display the company’s good standing status.  Please be aware that some ‘copy cat’ companies have copied the OHMA logo and placed it on their site to indicate they are a member.  However, if you click on the logo and it does not go to the ‘Member Verification’ page, they are not members.  Verify membership and you will find a company that is your Trademark of Assurance!